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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Product Review: Lucuma Powder.

I ordered a package of Lucuma powder from The Renegade Health Show's online store. (this was before I set up my Amazing AMAZON STORE!!)  I've heard it's a tasty, low glycemic sweetener. It came in the mail today along with maca powder and red banana powder. I ripped into the package like it was Christmas. Lucuma powder, for those who don't know, is a dehydrated fruit from Peru, ground to a powder.  It is very sweet and reminiscent of caramel or I've also heard some say shortbread. The package says it is vaguely maple scented. I had all my kids sniff the box to tell me what they thought it smelled like. Nikolai, my youngest boy and the only one brave enough to try all my experiments, said it smelled like apple with cinnamon.  Billy, my oldest was snarky and said it smelled powdery. When mixed with nut butter and a bit of water it makes a tasty little treat that I used today as apple dip because it reminded me of caramel. I also put it in my morning smoothie which was pretty gross but not because of the lucuma powder but  because of the tablespoon of maca I added. I've seen people on YouTube eat as much as 8 ounces of the maca so I figured a tablespoon shouldn't be too bad (others usually use only a quarter teaspoon or so.)  Maca is the ground root of another South American plant  it is supposedly a good hormone balancer for men and women but was so bitter, earthy and musky I could barely choke it down.  A tablespoon was way too much. I added a tiny bit to my apple dip and couldn't even tell it was in there. I think I will keep the maca down to a teaspoon. As for the hormone balancing? I'm not humping anyone leg yet so the jury is still out on that. Maybe it has to build up a bit in your system. As for the maca and lucuma you can order some for yourself on my Amazon store. Post your comments down below. For those of you who have tried lucuma, how would you describe the taste to a friend?

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