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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Raw Product Review: Go Raw: Spirlulina Energy Bar

I was skeptical about trying anything with spirlulina in it.  I've had dealings with the blue-green algae in the past and frankly I think it tastes like stagnant water pond scum; basically the stuff Yoda picked out of his toes on Dagoba. I do know how awesome it is for your body though and I've tried to mask the Yoda toe jam flavor by adding it to recipes, smoothies and such and never managed to mask the eau'de Dagoba essence.

However, Go Raw got it right, don't ask me how they did it, I have no clue.  The emerald green is still there but the flavor is all sesame seed and coconut.  Kind of like halva.  I could feel the awesome energy flow through my body and felt really light and ... well energized.  Gordon, my husband sniffed it but wouldn't taste it.  He didn't notice any stagnant water scent either.

You can order it on my Amazon site!

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